CVHA corporate portraits

Clyde Valley Housing Association corporate photography

CVHA Corporate Portraits for Strategy Document

I recently spent time photographing lots of CVHA corporate portraits for the team at Clyde Valley Housing Association. They were creating a corporate strategy document about their plans for the next 5 years. An important part of the project was to show the amazing team of people. Above all, how they make up the fabric of the organisation.

As a photographer this was a great project to be working on. It’s not often I meet the full cross section of the people behind an operation like this. Delivering Social Housing is a highly complex operation and requires very a broad range of skills. As a result, I worked with everyone from the Chief Executive who steers the whole ship, right across to the apprentice joiner who carries out minor repairs to the properties.

One afternoon I spent some time with one of the elderly residents who live in one of the CVHA properties. The building was a beautiful sandstone Victorian school that had been transformed into modern accommodation. Mrs Laird loved to have a blether. We had a wonderful conversation and it transpired during our chat that she had already spent many hours in the building as a wee girl. It had been her school!

Environmental Portraits and Headshots

Much of my work involves portraits of people. However, there are many different ways to approach this. The pictures above show the subjects in their own environment, hence, “Environmental Portrait”.

However, part of the brief was also to supply headshots on a plain background. In addition to having the imagery for the corporate strategy document I was able to produce quality headshots of the senior management team. In other words, they were able to make the most of my time to provide a second resource which could be put to good use across many other marketing objectives.

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Thanks to Fergus Reid of Stakeholder Communications who I’ve worked with for many years and was running this project.

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