Education photographer - School girl athletics celebration


Ashley’s work as an Education Photographer in Scotland is in the same style as his Lifestyle photography: same skills, different context.

The process involves setting a scene with great composition and lighting, placing the subjects into that scene, as if on a stage, and allowing the scene to play out. Ashley will direct as much or as little as necessary to achieve a natural and believable image that doesn’t look staged or contrived. Judging how much or how little photographer’s input is required is a skill which Ashley has been developing over many years as an education photographer with self conscious and often unwilling school children in classrooms up and down the country.

“I first discovered Ashley via a Google search and I now feel like I hit the jackpot!”

I first discovered Ashley via a Google search and I now feel like I hit the jackpot! Having just completed our second project together in under a year, I can honestly say it’s an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Ashley joined Texthelp’s marketing team for a shoot across Midlothian schools last June. He recently travelled with us to Sutton for one week, to help us capture photography for a second customer case study.

On both projects, he instantly understood the brief and the photography and drone footage output has been outstanding. We now have a plethora of amazing real life photography from our customer sites to use across our marketing materials, removing the need to rely on stock imagery.

One of the best things about Ashley is that he builds an excellent rapport with people. As he captured our product users across our customer sites, he was able to put every person at ease whilst having their photo taken. Not only this, he quietly worked behind the scenes on our video shoots to capture candid photos and lifestyle imagery.

We’ve received many compliments from our customers about how professional and pleasant Ashley is to work with. We at Texthelp couldn’t agree more!
Sarah Robinson
Principal Marketing Specialist, Texthelp

Ashley has worked across all areas of the Education sector for a broad range of clients. For example, Education Scotland, Scottish Funding Council, Times Educational Supplements, Wildhearts, Texthelp, Glenalmond College, The Glasgow Academy, NSPCC and Twig Education.