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Moira Newiss Personal Branding photography

Personal Branding Photography for a new lifestyle business

When you make a significant change in your career to suit your lifestyle, many people start up their own small business. It is designed to work alongside the other priorities in life. One of the first things to get sorted is some personal branding photography.

Especially if the new business will be based on a service you provide. For many people that’s exactly what happens. As a result they need a stock of pictures to promote themselves online and all their social channels. People buy from people and it is crucial that your potential clients warm to you and can see the human being behind the brand.

A shoot near Oban

Moira is a Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach who shows people to reboot their energy and transform their life. She tackles burnout, chronic fatigue and rejuvenates your zest for life. Based in Connel on the West Coast of Scotland it was great to be able to show her outdoors, in the sea and on her bike, exhibiting all the zest for life she will regain for her clients.

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