Yoga in the Trossachs


As a commercial lifestyle photographer Ashley is working in a genre striving to capture the essence of our day-to-day existence. A desire for authenticity, an antidote to the picture-perfect, airbrushed images that pervade our media landscape.

Real people and real moments – this ethos is changing how audiences perceive and interact with brands. Instead of glossy ads, we’re craving authentic, seemingly candid photography that tells a story we can relate to. We are given the scope to envision ourselves in that situation, using that product or service.

No need to pose his subjects, Ashley sets them an activity and captures the magic candidly as the scene unfolds.

The success of commercial lifestyle photography lies in embracing natural light, shunning professional models, and capturing candid emotions. Lifestyle photography is the key to building trust and fostering real connection with your audience.

As the gallery above shows, Ashley’s approach to working as a commercial lifestyle photographer is similar to other genres he works in such as Education.

With a background in photojournalism, Ashley spent much of his early career being commissioned by newspapers and magazines. He learnt to get the best out of his subjects, quickly putting them at ease so they could relax into the shoot.

He now puts those skills to good use for commercial lifestyle photography. His subjects feel the confidence to be guided and they’re happy to take direction from an experienced pair of hands.

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