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Corporate Headshots & Photography at Twig Education

In August last year, I was commissioned for corporate headshots at Twig Education here in Glasgow, Scotland.  I was asked to do senior management headshots, as well as portraits during a meeting-in-action, and reportage office photography.  Twig Education handled the entire affair with such professionalism, while still letting their personality shine through.

Corporate Headshots for Twig Education in Glasgow

Twig Education’s mission has been and always will be to change the face of education around the world.  They are a young, dynamic tech company who have been true pioneers of Science Education and are based in Scotland. Encouraging investigation-driven learning they do an amazing job providing media-rich education materials for all students as well as teachers. Twig has 10 education products available in 19 different languages and 60 countries!  Needless to say, they are doing their part to provide an established learning environment for many different walks of life.

I remember the day I went into Twig Education for the corporate headshots last summer.  It was a roasting, hot day here in Glasgow. The sun was so bright, I had to pull down some of the shades in the office.  Those kinds of days stand out in my memory because a cloudless, blue sky with temperatures over 30°c isn’t a standard day in Glasgow!  I was slightly concerned that the skin tones might look a bit shiny with the heat, but any problems were easily brushed away with just a little retouching.

I’ve worked for many clients in the education sector over the past years, including Times Educational Supplements and Education Scotland. Visting Twig Education and seeing how the sector is changing was incredibly inspiring.

It’s great to see how technology is changing the way we are educating our children. Knowing that there are organisations like Twig Education that exist here in Scotland leaves me feeling very reassured about where we’re going with the next generation. I’m proud that my job gives me the chance to work with so many innovators in so many fields that are working to change the world around us.

Be sure to check out Twig Education’s Website to find out more about what they are all about.  And if you’re in the market for Corporate Headshots, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m always open to new projects and new clients to work with.

Corporate photography is so important in this day and age.  It shows who you are to your clients and customers.  The last thing you want to do is let it fall by the wayside.  Let’s work together to keep your image and brand at the forefront of consumer minds!

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