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Boost small business marketing

Boost your small business marketing with photography

Independent fashion retailer Cheryl Sivewright operates in the rural village of Doune in Stirlingshire. Business seems to be going well for her and she contacted me recently to discuss how to boost her small business marketing through photography.

Her shop, Woodlane, may be small but over the years Cheryl has built up an amazing business which is winning national recognition and a band of very loyal and satisfied customers. I recently witnessed how loyal and how satisfied when I photographed the Woodlane 15th Anniversary Dinner and Fashion Show – great night had by all!!

Anyway, Cheryl and her team have been getting quite a bit of press coverage recently. They were UK finalists in the Drapers Independent Awards 2017 and named Womenswear Independent of the Year so she asked me to come into the shop to create a set of images to help boost small business marketing. Pictures for publicity in magazines and events programmes which will raise her profile and show the industry that Woodlane is highly professional and well organized.

We started with some portraits of Cheryl to give a sense of how engaging she is and then a selection of details from around the shop to convey the unique style that she has created for Woodlane.

You can see a handful of images from the shoot below….. there will be more to come in the spring when I’ll be photographing the whole team. I look forward to sharing those pictures with you because there have been some fairly wacky and eye-catching ideas floating around for that shoot…. watch this space!

Having a folder of great pictures of you and your business easily accessible on your computer will really pay dividends.

If you are a finalist for a business award or a speaker at a conference you will no doubt be asked to supply a photo. An engaging and visually stimulating picture may get you a page lead rather than a single column headshot in the program.

And don’t forget the speed of reply will often determine whether your picture gets used. Have a folder of pictures captioned and ready to go. You’ll hardly have to think about it – just hit return, attach a couple of pictures and carry on with your day.

Is your small business going from strength to strength?

Do you keep getting asked to supply photos of yourself and your business?

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