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Headshots with Event Photography

Combine Headshots with Event Photography

When you have all your key people in one place for an event, why not add in a headshot session?

Headshots with Event Photography
Headshots with Event Photography

One of the most common difficulties for Marketing Managers when organising new headshot photography for their team, is the problem of trying to pin down a particular day when everyone is available.

How often do you have all the members of the board in the same place at the same time? Will there ever be a day when at least one person in the sales team isn’t out on the road seeing customers?

In recent years I’ve seen more and more of my clients solving this problem by organizing headshots of the board or the staff from various offices around another event which they are all attending.

It will cut down hugely on your overall planning if you can piggy-back the Headshots onto all the planning and logistics required for your event. Why not make the most of the opportunity while everyone is in the same place at the same time?

I have been specializing in Corporate Headshots and Event Photography for many years now and back at the end of last year, I was booked for some Event Photography for the wonderful Edinburgh based charity Children 1st. They were holding an awards evening at the Scottish Parliament to recognize all their amazing volunteers and all the staff and board members were gathering for the occassion.

The evening event had been secured in my diary for a few months when the organizers contacted me about adding some headshots to the commission. It was a rare day when all of the board members would all be there, plus a few other staff so it made perfect sense to ask everyone to gather ahead of the event to have their headshots updated.

The whole day went brilliantly, culminating in a fantastic award ceremony to recognize and reward the wonderful work done by the volunteers at Children 1st who who work so hard to protect Scotland’s vulnerable children.

Get in touch if you have an upcoming event to be photographed and need some new headshots of your team.

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