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Corporate headshot tips – how to look good in photos

6 Great Corporate Headshot tips

Helping you make the most of your time in front of the camera

Being relaxed and confident is the key to making the most of your time in front of the camera…. of course, but it’s much easier said than done!

1. Familiarize yourself with having your photo taken

If you’re daunted by the prospect or you’ve never had a professional portrait before, ask your friends or family to take some photos of you. Getting used to having your photo taken is a big help and makes the process of a professional shoot feel much more familiar to you.

Look closely at the results. This will familiarize you with seeing your own image. We may all be familiar with our image in the mirror but this is always very different to the image we see in photographs – the way others see us.

2. Choose the right clothes

What you wear is very important to the success of the photo. Allow your clothes to help show your personality but don’t take a risk by deciding to wear something you’re not sure about. Select an outfit which makes you feel relaxed and confident. (see What to Wear for an in depth analysis for Women).

3. Take your time

Keep your diary free for 10 minutes either side of the photo session so you don’t feel under any time pressure.

Try to clear your mind as much as possible of all the work stress of the last hour. Don’t rush straight into the photo session from a difficult meeting. Take your time.

Look in the mirror, brush your hair, check your makeup, make sure your tie is straight….  make sure you’re happy with your look.

4. Hydration and rest

Get lots of sleep the night before and drink lots of water. Tired eyes and dehydrated skin are best avoided!

5. Simple relaxation techniques

Spend a couple of minutes in a quiet place away from your desk just before the shoot: hands on hips, legs apart, take a few deep breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth). Don’t speak to anyone. This focuses your non-verbal communication and really helps with your engagement with the camera once you’re in front of the lens.

Arms up in the air and reach up as high as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Imagine your body filling up with warm liquid gradually rising from your toes and fingers up to the top of your head.

Sounds crazy but it works!!

6. Visualize a great result

Beforehand, think about the ideal way you’d like your photo to look. Decide what the perfect result for you would be – check out other people’s business headshots if it helps. Then visualise this outcome while you’re in front of the camera.

Look at the expressions people have in the pictures you like – it won’t always be a big smile.

Having a Business Headshot or a Corporate Portrait taken by me is a joint venture between us both. Don’t worry, I will shoulder most of the responsibility of making you look your best but you need to play your part too. Engage with the process, think it through beforehand and take note of these 6 simple Corporate Headshot tips – they’ll make all the difference to the end result. Get in touch if you’d like to get the ball rolling….

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