What's your story

What’s your Story?

The real person behind the email signature

Do you work in a large organisation where many of the people you see regularly are simply passing faces in the corridor – a friendly nod but do you even know their name? What’s your story?

Last year I was invited by @AlisonHardie to create a set of portraits for an amazing initiative she had dreamed up called “What’s Your Story?” The Comms team at MDDUS had the brilliant idea of an internal campaign to get beyond the executive bio and give people the opportunity to introduce the person behind the email signature. A bit of insight into what makes each of us “us”!

What’s your story? Put it out there!

In both the London office and the Glasgow office, they embraced the idea. I had a few great portrait sessions in both locations with the brave souls who were prepared to put themselves “out there”! From the quirky to the serious, the adventurous to the studious – MDDUS employees are so much more than just their job titles!

Whether it’s a favourite sport, favourite band, pumping iron, overcoming life-changing health issues, wild swimming or Welsh Rugby, we all have our own story to tell. Go on, don’t be shy, let’s hear it!!

Teams are made up of people

Any organisation is only as good as the people in it and the better they know each other the stronger the team.

  • Building trust
  • Encouraging risk-taking
  • Cohesive understanding
  • Fostering creativity
  • Building motivation
  • Having fun

…..all major benefits when team members know each other well and are firing on all cylinders.

“What’s Your Story?” is a fantastic idea that would work brilliantly across so many large organisations. Let the human side shine out. Perhaps you’ll learn something new about your colleagues, or better, yourself. Remember, everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Thanks to everyone at MDDUS who gave permission for me to use their photos in this blog post.

And if you think your organisation will benefit from a project like this, get in touch and

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